Letter Of No Objection

NYC DOB Letter Of No Objection Applications By NY Registered Architects at Fontan Architecture

Letter Of No Objection


Fontan Architecture is a full service architecture firm located in New York. Among the different projects we work on we provide letter of no objection filing services. If you are interested in filing an LNO we would be happy to help you.


Letter Of No Objection Application


A letter of no objection is used to verify an existing or proposed use for a property when there is no Certificate Of Occupancy or it is unclear if the use is allowed under the existing Certificate Of Occupancy. The there is a CofO then you are filing a Letter of Verification if there is no CofO you would file the Letter Of No Objection.


What is a Letter Of No Objection?


The NYC Department OF Buildings or DOB Letter Of No Objection is literally a letter issued by the DOB that says whether or not the DOB has an objection to a given use of a property or space. This determines if the use will requires new Certificate Of Occupancy and as a result an Alteration Type 1 filing.

Letter Of No Objection

The Supporting Documentation submitted with the Letter Of No Objection Application Form is what makes or breaks the submission. All applications in our office are produced by a Licensed Architect.

Examples Of Approved Letters Of No Objection we successfully obtained for our clients.

Letter Of No Objection Sample

Approved LNO we obtained for converting a retail store into a Dog Day Care.

DOB Letter of No Objections

Approved LNO we obtained for converting a butcher shop into an Bar (Eating and Drinking Establishment).


Approved LNO we obtained for an existing restaurant applying for a liquor license.

Letter Of No Objection Submission and Research



At Fontan Architecture we not only prepare the forms and submit the application for the Letter Of No Objection we also do property research and submit supporting documentation.

The supporting documentation and property research are what make or break the LNO application.

There are various reasons to get an LNO including changing a property use, verifying an existing use, or for financial purposes like loan applications.

We can always do the research and review first to see if it is even worth pursuing an LNO. The property has to be an As Of Right use to receive an LNO and document must be produced to support the claim.

All applications in our office are produced by a NY Registered Architect. Fontan Architecture is a licensed and insured New York Architecture Firm.

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