Zoning Analysis

Our Architects are experts at analyzing and interpreting Zoning Codes and determining your development rights.

Get an Architectural Zoning Analysis done on your property to determine your development potential.

We provide an accurate and prompt report so you know exactly what you can legally build on your property as of right. All of our zoning reports are performed by a licensed architect.

Build the proper foundation for your project by starting with a comprehensive zoning analysis.

Residential, Commercial, Manufacturing, and Special Districts.


Fontan Architecture is a full service architecture firm. Among the services we provide in building design and architecture we also offer zoning consultation. If you have a property and want to know more about its zoning you may want to consider getting a Zoning Report done.

Zoning Analysis NYC
NYC Zoning Analysis Massing Study
Building setback zoning study

A Zoning Analysis is the determination of what can legally be built on your property in accordance with the local zoning and building codes.

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Zoning  is a set of rules that determine the legal use of land as well as the shape and size of buildings to be built on the property.

The Zoning Resolution Of New York City are the guidelines for what we can build in NYC. Governing all property developments.

The NYC Department Of City Planning governs Zoning, and the NYC Department Of Buildings enforces and approves zoning in NYC.

All new buildings, new houses, building enlargements / additions, and change of use require zoning analysis to be submitted to the Department Of Buildings for approval. The zoning analysis and documents are reviewed and approved or disapproved by the NYC DOB plan examiners as part of the work applications.

Zoning Services:

  • FAR – Floor Area Ratio Square Footage
  • Use And Occupancy
  • Multi Family Units Quantity
  • Parking Requirements
  • Air rights
  • Building Bulk, Size, & Height
  • NYC Quality Housing Program
  • NYC Inclusionary Housing Program
  • BSA Variances Special Permits
  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Reports and Diagrams
  • Prompt service by licensed professionals
  • Zoning reports you can understand
  • On Time and on Budget
  • We care about our client’s needs and goals
  • Focus on Customer Satisfaction


We provide comprehensive zoning reports with calculations, code references, and easy to understand diagrams to communicate the zoning potential of a property. This can tell you what is allowed to be built on your property as well as what restrictions and requirements you will have to consider.

Residential Zoning

Commercial Zoning

Manufacturing Zoning


If you intend to do a development in NYC and you expect a specific challenge in zoning you can file for a predetermination with DOB. As architects we can file for a predetermination before filing the job with the DOB. The commissioner’s office will interpret and issue a determination on zoning implementation.


If you are interested in some general information on residential zoning see our NYC Residential Zoning page for a basic district breakdown.

Please feel free to Contact Fontan Architecture with any questions. We are always happy to hear about your projects no mater what stage you are in.

NYC Zoning

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