Unique House Design

Unique House Designs

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2018)

At our architecture firm we do a wide range of projects. Here are a few Unique House Designs we have worked on. They range from real projects, to prototypes, and competition entries.


Unique House Designs


Fiberglass House Design

This is a fiberglass house prototype I designed. The house is round and would be made of modular fiberglass components. The idea here is that you could make many different unique house designs all using a small set of prefabricated modular fiberglass components.

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Modern House design

Modern House design


Concrete House Design

This is the Bayfield Concrete House. The house was built in NY in the flood zone. This is a very unique house for the area that was designed to survive future floods. The original house was damaged by Super Storm Sandy. The house is built in poured in place concrete and elevated on concrete columns.  This was done for flood proof design and to make the house hurricane proof.

Check out another article we wrote on Concrete House Design and Concrete Facade Design.

Unique House Design Concrete House

Unique House Design Concrete House


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