Unsafe Building violation NYC

Unsafe Building Violation NYC DOB UB

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

An Unsafe Building Violation or UB Violation is for a building deemed unsafe by the NYC Department Of Buildings. There are 3 remedies to an unsafe building Demolition, Repair, and Sealing.


Unsafe Building Violations NYC


What To do About an Unsafe Building in NYC?

If the New York City Department Of Buildings (DOB) deems a building unsafe, they will issue an Unsafe Building Violation. The NYC DOB has issued a document Technical Policy and Procedural Notice #2/01 or TPPN #2/01 which outlines the procedure for remedy and clearing an Unsafe Building Violation. The options are as follows:

  • Demolition
  • RepairĀ 
  • Sealing

Demolition of An Unsafe Building in NYC

If you have an unsafe building you can obviously demolish the building and that would permanently solve the problem. you will need an Architect or Engineer to file a Demolition Filing. The Demolition work has to be signed off before DOB clears the UB violation.

Repair Of Unsafe Buildings

Unsafe Buildings can be repaired. This would require an Architect or Engineer to file an Alteration Type 2 or Type 1, whichever is appropriate, with the Department Of Buildings. All work must be completed, inspected, and signed off before the UB violation can be dismissed.

Sealing a Building

If the building is structurally stable it can be sealed to clear the Unsafe Building Violation. It must be inspected by the department of buildings to verify it is structurally stable. All combustible debris must be removed from the interior and all utilities must be cut off. The Exterior of the building must be sealed in accordance with NYC requirements.


Unsafe Building Example Project

One of our clients purchased a building in Brooklyn that was declared unsafe. The DOB determined that the building was structurally damaged and must be demolished. The client eventually had to Demo the two family house. He then hired us to rebuild and we are working on a new 2 family four story townhouse to replace the old 2 story 2 family house.


Building Violations

Building Violations are critical issues and must be taken seriously, especially if a building is unsafe.


NYC DOB Protocols

As an architect I study codes closely. NYC Codes and protocols are complicated and quite involved. In this article, we reviewed some of the basic issues with regards to Unsafe Buildings. This analysis does not assume to cover every possible issue or condition, but provide a general overview.


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